Monday, September 26, 2011


Let me just start by saying that we are not "those parents."  This did not start out as birthday-palooza.  It started out as a normal party for a three year old.  We were going to have a bounce house and a dragon cake and call it good.  Then someone told Scott you can get a pony for cheap these days.  For 70 bucks, they'll drop it off at your house and for three hours the birthday boy (who of course refused to take a nap) will cry every time someone else gets on HIS pony.  Good times, people, good times.  Really though, the Pony was pretty awesome and if you wanted to get one for your next birthday party, Pony Haven is where it's at.  We used Leap'n Lemur for the bounce house and they were really great as well.
Carrots for the pony and hats for the kids

10 minutes in.  He never wanted to get off.

Bounce House Castle.  We started out with a Dragon theme (hence the castle) but it quickly morphed into Dinosaur and then the pony came along and totally screwed everything up, theme-wise.

Winslow gets a turn

Daddy gets a turn.  Poor pony.

I love Flynn's enthusiasm!

By the end, Henry was insisting on riding with anyone who wanted to get on.  I now understand when parents say "no nap today."  It's ok, nothing more needs to be said after that one simple statement.
The Utah game was on the same day as the party but the kids wanted to watch a movie.  I thought they were all pretty cute there together.

Next year, we go back to the little party that is only family.  We loved Henry's party and really it was totally worth it, but I completely understand the advice of only inviting as many kids as years your child is turning.  Henry was pretty overwhelmed by the whole thing and at the end of the day, he won't even remember it when he's older.  But his Dad can brag about the pony and that's really what's important here!

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  1. haha. so funny. love the pic of scott on the pony. we are done with big birthday parties as well.