Sunday, October 9, 2011

14 Months

Winslow turned 14 months old today, so I thought I would take a minute and say a little bit about what he has done over the last couple of months.  First of all, he finally started walking as a primary mode of transportation.  He was taking steps here and there, but only when highly encouraged.  It kind of felt like he woke up last Tuesday and decided it was time to walk.  He's moved past the totally drunk stage to the slightly inebriated stage and he's walking like a champ!  He still doesn't talk a whole lot, but he does like to say Mama and Dada and every once in a while I hear a thank you.  He loves to shake his head no at me and then just laugh.  He started his new day care last week and I was a nervous wreck, but he seems to be doing really well there.  He's starting to take better and better naps and he seems to really like his teachers.  It's nice to have both of the boys at the same place, especially since Scott is the one who has to take them in the morning.  I love going to pick them up, though.  I think he is really going to like being around so many kids all the time, but he misses his Afghan friends, for sure.  He is still madly in love with his father.  Now, he cries when I try to take him away from his Dad.  He'll leave my arms for anyone, but when he has to leave Scott, he just cries.  Jerk.  He's still just growing and growing and getting funnier every day.

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  1. He's pretty cute. It was fun to see all of you in person!